Monday, June 30

a big old pan lid

While I was setting up my garage sale, I had an expert garage sale friend come over to help me with the pricing part. It had been a long time since I had done a garage sale and my mom was the main pricer person back then. Plus I rarely go to a garage sale myself due to limited time and distances where I live, so I really did need some advice.

There was lots of strange items which I wasn't certain would even sell and she assured me they would....and they did! LOL! One such item was a big old pan lid. I had tried it on even my biggest pans, but it was too big, and trust me, I have some BIG pans. I had no idea who would buy such a random thing. But early on in the garage sale someone thought it would be quite valuable and purchased it...for a dollar. That big old pan lid was a hidden treasure.

You know, there are days when I can relate to that big old pan lid. As a mom to many, for many days - and now many years - I've been a covering over much activity in my household trying to keep it from boiling over and attempting to maintain the perfect simmer. It's been quite a task and isn't over yet. At times it may seem a bit monotonous, routine, and meaningless....and yet, there's great value in my job as a mother. There is purpose.

And someday all my children will be grown up and gone. There I will be....just a big old pan lid without a purpose. However, my Heavenly Father will see me through different eyes than the world who easily declares, "Worthless!" Yes, a valuable treasure to a Heavenly Father who loves me. Who will pick me up and say the words, "Well done, good and faithful servant!"

See, it's not so bad being a big old pan lid, is it?

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keri said...

You will never be without a purpose.... and there will always be some activity at your house!! Especially with all those grandbabays who will come to visit!!! :)

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