Thursday, June 5

change of plans

From my daily flip calendar:

"A day of revelling in nature's beauty, warmth, and splendor is a day well spent." ~ Author Unknown

Well, today is gray, gloomy, with a bit of rain. Not exactly the kind of day to be playing outside where the beauty seems hidden, there is no warmth, and splendor is missing. Unless you are someone who revels in this kind of weather....and I know there are some who do! And I do believe my garden revels in this damp seed-cracking weather as the moisture is so needed right now.

So, for those of us who do much better with sunshine and warm, the plans have changed. Instead of revelling in nature, we're off to do a bit of much needed shopping. I'm not a shopper, so it will probably be a short trip. And perhaps when we do get back home the sun will be shining again......

Enjoy your garden day whatever the weather!

Tammy ~@~

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