Monday, June 30

dare to blog?

It happens all the time only I usually don't have the time to blog about it. BUT I'm going to take the time right now since it's a serious problem.

My blog tends to be a mixture of light, medium, and sometimes heavier topics. What I have found is that whenever I post anything of encouragement that may have a spiritual nature, I am certain to be challenged. Most definitely. Positively. Especially on Living Well Wednesdays.

Today isn't even Wednesday, but I've been most definitely positively challenged and it happened right after I posted about being a valued treasure of God's. A household member - who shall remain nameless - has been more regularly of a cranky nature. And I seem to more regularly be the recipient of those cranky comments. And although I can more regularly let those kinds of comments bounce off me, today they didn't bounce, but instead stung. They stung enough that I had to leave the room due to tears forming in my eyes. Most definitely positively not feeling like a valued treasure at that moment.

So, I did the next thing (thank you, EE), grabbed the things I needed for my errands, and left the house. As I pulled up to the stoplights, the car ahead of me had this quote on a bumper sticker:

"No one can make you feel inferior without your consent." ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

Goodness, how many times have I read that exact quote and so easily agreed with the principal of it thinking that I had a handle on such a thing? Yet, how easy it can be to fall into that trap when an arrow from an enemy hits? After reading it, within moments I was replaying the earlier conversation, then my blog post. Valued treasure of God's.

Pulling up to the drive through bank window, I suddenly heard someone from the lane next to me yell over, "How are all those kids of yours doing, Tammy?" As I glanced over to the vehicle, I was greeted by a smiling face of an acquaintance and we chit chatted for a few minutes while the bank tellers did their work (yup, only in a small town, eh?). My heart was suddenly much lighter. As I pulled away from the bank, I was reminded of another blog post over at Quiet Life and the quote by Leo Buscaglia which Donna used this morning. Small acts of kindness which hold great measure in another's life.

So, yes, it does make me want to post fluff daily so I won't be most definitely positively challenged by the things I write....and yet....perhaps something I write will encourage a reader right where they are at that very moment. And it will be a reminder to them that they are a value treasure of God's!

Thanks for listening :-)

Tammy ~@~

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And as always, thanks for sharing Tammy. :)

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