Monday, June 2

dealin' in tomatoes

Yesterday after church my husband did a good thorough spring garden tilling. While he was doing that, one of my daughters and I ran to a local greenhouse to get the plants we needed as well as a few seed packets which I realized I didn't have in my container for this year.

Ohhhh, is there anything more glorious than walking through the greenhouse?! Well, to a gardener it is pretty close to being in heaven. And I was so relieved to see such a wonderful stock of everything. Apparently I'm not the only one who has held off planting due to our cold late spring.

Our mission was to find things specifically for our vegetable garden and I had to keep pulling my daughter away from the "Look at these flowers, Mom! Aren't they beautiful?!" Ah, yes, a girl after her mother's own heart :-)

But the tomato section was disappointing. They had many large potted container tomato plants, some a bit smaller but in a variety I wasn't familiar with, and a couple cherry tomato plants. After looking over the entire selection, I decided to check another greenhouse for my tomatoes.

As we were checking out, the man said he had a great product for setting blossoms on tomato plants but noticed we didn't have any in our mix of vegetables. I explained to him that I didn't see the plants I wanted for my garden, so he walked back to that area with me to check. Yes, he agreed. And then there was a twinkle in his eye. He explained that when they had planted their tomatoes there were several flats that mistakenly hadn't been tagged. They had no idea what kind of tomatoes they were and therefore couldn't sell them. He said that *IF* I'd buy a bottle of blossom set, he'd give me the number of tomato plants I wanted from those flats. Of course, I would have no idea WHAT kind of tomatoes they would produce until later in the summer. As I'm reverting back to my adventuresome spirit of youth in my old age, I stepped out of the boat (that was for you, Tina! LOL!) and struck the deal.

Off we went to another greenhouse which was a working greenhouse. He showed me a few of the flats of tomatoes which were still on the small side and definitely hadn't had the attention of their others. But he said their plan was just to go and plant them on some property that they had since they weren't able to be sold. So he cut away four plants from one flat, four plants from another flat, and six plants from a third flat. They could all be the same or all be different. No one knows.

Fourteen tomato plants. I typically only plant four to six tomato plants as our growing season is undependable weather-wise and I may not get many ripened tomatoes before frost begins. And I really don't like the covering and uncovering of those large plants in September. We usually eat them as they ripen and if I have a lot of extras, I'll throw them in with the bushels of tomatoes I've purchased for canning.

Fourteen tomato plants. We could end up with LOTS of tomatoes this summer if we give them lots of tender loving care in the beginning. And God already began providing that with a shower during the night.

Okay, half the garden was planted yesterday and I'm off to plant the other half today!

Have a great day in your garden!

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Honest to Ya~Ya said...

Well...that should keep your gardening interesting anyhow *big grin*

Hope you are having a great day in your garden!☺

Brumbemom said...

I can think of few greater things than fresh from the garden tomatoes! I wish I lived close so you could "donate" some to me! ;-)

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