Monday, June 16

a five year old time warp

Tonight after I read my littlest a couple of stories before bedtime, she asked if I would lie down with her for a little bit while she fell asleep. It's becoming a rare activity as she often stays up too late (!) and ends up going to bed when an older sister does and therefore mom doesn't get to snuggle her a bit at bedtime.

After I turned off the lights and kissed fuzzababy and pinkie goodnight, she was whispering and asking how many days until her birthday. We are now in the birthday countdown mode as she nears the age of FIVE. We talked a little about what turning five will mean such as a little more school and a little more chores. And she drifted off to sleep content with all the details mom had shared.

As I watched her sweet little face in the semi-darkness, my heart marveled at the fact that she is almost five. FIVE! She doesn't seem that old to me already. Such a sweet lovey little girl full of life. And certainly not ready for school yet, right? She's too little! And then I recalled a moment in time so many years ago when I looked at my oldest who turned five in the summer as I tucked him into bed and thought about a sweet little boy so full of curiosity as he explored the world around him. And certainly not ready for school yet, right? He's too little!

Aren't they sweet and little with a wonderful innocence yet at five?

My son did go off to kindergarten that fall as we hadn't yet heard of homeschooling at that point in time. He's the only one who ever attended public school and it was for one year only.

My daughter will begin kindergarten in the fall, yet it will be in the same environment in which she has always been learning....home. It will be a barely noticeable transition for her. And my days will continue to be blessed by a sweet little five year old with a tender heart.

But I will forewarn anyone with a sweet little five year old. Blink your eyes, sweet mother, and you will suddenly see before you a sweet big adult in their 20's! Truly, it happens that quickly!

Off to bed hoping I'm not aging as quickly as my kids are! LOL!

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