Tuesday, June 24

my attempt

Too much STUFF. Period. And in my attempt to simplify, I'm determined to have a garage sale. This weekend, as a matter of fact, since it's really the only weekend I have available this summer. I've been emptying boxes that have come from my in-laws household and going through things of my moms just to reduce STUFF. Too many boxes stored around here.

However, as time is passing quickly as this sale nears, I'm finding that once again I'm needing to spend a lot of time on other people's STUFF instead of having time to thoroughly go through my own STUFF. And in order to simplify I need to get rid of my STUFF in my household. Period.

This morning I'm meeting with a friend who has been involved in the antique world for a long time and who will be looking through some of the things I have to see if they have any value. I just wish I had the time to sort through more boxes before she gets here, but trust God has lead me to the boxes I needed to open before her arrival.

And then maybe I'll have a day or two to concentrate on my STUFF as well as encouraging my kids to go through their STUFF.

My saying is.......you can't take this STUFF with you!

Off to clean up my kitchen before my friend arrives to look through all this STUFF.

Can you tell I have an issue with STUFF lately? hee hee!

May your garden be STUFF-free!

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Tammy said...

Stuff. I spend my life stacking, sorting, tossing, and tripping over stuff. I'm gonna make it my goal to get rid of some stuff each day this week!

linda said...

I can't wait to hear if your friend feels that any of your STUFF is worth big $!

Good luck with the sale...let us know how it turns out. I don't do garage sales because people want everything for .25 cents. I'd rather donate my junk...I mean STUFF!

Angela said...

I recently did a blog entry on the same thing! I have to declutter before I start school again, I just can't stand it. I just want to let you know I have been thinking of you lately. You always minister to me and I have felt in my heart that you have needed prayer lately my friend so prayers are going up for you! And I hope we both get rid of a lot of stuff this summer!


PS I am sure going through some of your loved ones things is still kinda of hard, I think it makes it harder to get rid of it when they belonged to someone precious to us, however I know its usually a must, we have memories-don't need the stuff to have those-huh?

mom said...

My friend so kindly pulled the things of value that won't be going into my garage sale and which we can hopefully eBay or find another outlet to sell in the future.

I know what you mean about basically giving things away. Garage sales are too much work to price everything at 25 cents. If I'm gonna do that, I may as well just box it up and throw it away. It'll be interesting to see how it goes.....

Tammy ~@~

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