Tuesday, June 17

my friend the sprinkler

Okay, has anyone heard this tidbit of wisdom before? It was on my flip calendar recently:

"A sprinkler is the secret to staying young. Dance in every one you come across." ~ Author Unknown

Soooo, how many of you have used this method to stay young? *wink* I can't say that I have done much sprinkler jumping since I WAS young, although the kids enjoy it in the summer.

But that doesn't mean that the sprinkler isn't my friend. In fact, with no rain in the forecast until the end of the week, it does look like I'll have to get the hoses out now and begin watering the garden as it's up and growing.

Sounds like a plan, eh? Except I really dislike my sprinklers. They never work the way I want them to and I spend way too much time moving them around to water the garden the most effectively. Perhaps I shouldn't be so hard on the sprinklers as I think part of the problem is our water pump. Someone flushes a toilet in the house and, well, the sprinkler doesn't work right :::sigh:::

Yes, it's a love/hate kind of relationship that I have with my sprinklers. I love that they help my garden grow, but I hate how funky they work. Perhaps the cure is dancing in them, eh? It would change my perspective!

Okay, off to see what condition the hoses are in this spring!

Go dance in a sprinkler, will you? :-)

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Honest to Ya~Ya said...

I don't remember ever having danced in a sprinkler, but rain...yes rain I have done...loved it as a matter of fact!

I haul my old garden hose out to my little veggie garden...tis a pain but I think will be worth it in the end!☺

pianopraise80 said...

Umm...I actually have a "habit" of walking through every sprinkler I come across in the summer time. It embarrasses DH to death!! LOL!!

Brumbemom said...

Hey, here in the HOT HUMID south, we savor any attempt to keep cool :-)

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