Friday, June 20

perfect timing whenever!

This morning it seemed a bit confusing as some calendars say the first day of summer is today, some say it is tomorrow. So, I went online to research it and found the truth of the matter. The summer solstice actually occurs on June 20th at know, one minute before it turns June 21st! LOL!

You know, it doesn't really matter because it truly finally feels like SUMMER outside this morning! The sun is shining, the birds are singing, the temperature is around 60 degrees with the highs expected to get into the 70's today....simply perfect! And it makes me feel like our cat Scootsie....I'm purringly happy!

Much to do on this very long daylight day, so I'm off to enjoy every moment of it! Enjoy the first day of summer in your garden :-)

Tammy ~@~

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Karen said...

I had to smile at the fact that although you are finally getting sun, we are gray, wet and rainy. Ugh. With only half the mulch down in the new "dirt" bed (or is it "mud" bed?) Well, I'll be grateful for the half and thankful that I'm not watering flower beds and vegetables.


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