Wednesday, June 18

stop and think before the ouch!

This morning when I started on the machines at Curves, I suddenly went "ouch!" I looked at my hand and noticed that I had two brightly colored little girl rubber bands tangled in the midst of my wedding rings. Quickly I pulled them off my finger and rubbed the area where they had tightened. In fact, four hours later there's still a red mark there. Although I will often pick up those little rubber bands and stick them on a finger until I pass by the girls room where the container is, I don't recall doing that yesterday. So, I must have been busy and just subconsciously slipped them on my finger. Never noticed them. Never felt them. Until more pressure was applied.

It's kind of like something else I caught myself doing. Although I've been food conscious and sticking to portion sizes for quite awhile, the other day I found myself eating out of a bag of cheetos with the kids while we were all talking about something in the newspaper. It was one of those subconscious old habits. Never noticed it. Never felt it. Until I went to wash all that orange gunk off my fingers. Gulp. What had I done? How many had I eaten? Certainly much more than a portion size without even thinking about it. NOT a good habit to fall back into and if I'd continue I'd soon feel the pressure on the scale and how my clothes fit.

You know what? I'm not going back there. Nope. I like where I'm at and want to continue on a healthy Living Well plan. Besides, I'm going through my closet to get rid of some more clothes that just don't fit well anymore which means I can't go back. Nope. Can't go back. Can only go forward.

And I was reminded of that this morning on our ride home from one of my son's dentist appointments as we were listening to Christian radio. The message was from Philippians chapter four - all of which is excellent! - but he ended with: "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." (verse 13)

Yes indeed I can! I can do all things - even watching my eating - through Christ who strengthens me!

How about you?

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ValleyGirl said...

It's a bit scary how easy the old bad habits resurface, isn't it?! Yikes. Good for you for noticing and maintaining your resolve. I'm looking forward to being able to get rid of a bunch of clothing that's too big for me, too!

Denise said...

You go sweetie, you can be successful at this journey.

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