Friday, June 13

two different ovens

As I walked into the kitchen on Monday, I turned the oven on to preheat for supper, flipped on the Chris Tomlin CD, and happily started cleaning potatoes in the sink while I sang. All of a sudden I heard a very loud buzzing coming from the oven and within moments there was a loud POOF! The potato in my hand was quickly set down as I ran over to the oven where I could see a fire! YIKES! The oven nob was immediately turned off and I called an older son upstairs to help me slide the oven out of its spot between the cabinets. By this time the smoke alarm down the hallway was going off - hey, it works! - and children gathered around to see what was happening. We got the fire out and noticed that the heating element in the oven was now missing about a three inch length where the fire had taken place. Not to fear as the son who helped me also works for the local appliance store and has ordered the necessary heating element which he'll install when the part arrives. We haven't been to use the stove/oven and I'll need to clean up the mess that occurred within the oven as we attempted to put the fire out. It's interesting because I've noticed during recent oven usage that particular area of the element glowing a bit brighter orange. I was a bit concerned, but figured that maybe something had dripped on it which would just burn off and that there was no actual problem. HA! Guess it was something bigger than that, eh?


Reminds me of a current situation in my life. There have been certain conversations that have concerned me, but I didn't see them as a real problem. Just things that maybe I wasn't comfortable with, but which were more a difference of opinion and nothing I felt I had to personally confront. Time passed. POOF! Suddenly a fire has ignited! Something that began as a small glow has turned into something bigger. Unfortunately, others have heard the alarm going off and have come running with their own perceptions of what has taken place. Certainly makes things messier as one sorts through the emotion and facts involved. And now I will unexpectedly have to be part of a bigger discussion. Out of my comfort zone? Yes. Yet it is something that I believe in which has a firm foundation based on God's Word.

And besides, who is the best fixer-upper? God Himself. We don't have to wait for that replacement part to come in as He is readily available with our whispered prayers. As we allow Him to cleanup the messes, He'll bring healing and unity and His love to the process. Really, what could be better?

So, if there's fire in your garden right now, don't worry. God has done some pretty cool things with fire throughout the Scripture and I'm certain He can do that in your situation as well!

Enjoy this lovely spring day!

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Karen said...

What a great analogy (though I am sorry about your oven.) There are a lot of times where I ignore that "bright orange glow" with my husband and I regret it later. I am learning to stop and pray about it though. Slowly learning. Because I am nothing if not hard-headed.


linda said...

Wonderful post with such a great analogy between your oven and true life...thank you!

It was a great reminder that I need to get on my knees and pray about a small glow that I have seen developing in a loved one...God can and does prevent those small glows from turning into fires. And for that I'm so grateful!

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