Wednesday, June 25

where's the walk?

There's just something about the season of summer which throws me off. Every year. Throughout the school year I stay on a nice regular schedule that keeps my exercising on track. Then summer comes and it's gone. I think I've taken one walk since we've been done with school. ONE. I made it to Curves today, but it will probably be the ONLY day I go this week. Not good.

It's interesting because summer tends to lend itself to very full days without a nice regular schedule in place. There's always so many things to catch up on that fell behind during our school year. Then add the flowers and garden to care for with weeding and watering. Then add baseball games. And of course, people still need to eat around here as well as wear clean clothes, so all the regular daily things also need to be done. It seems like my time is squeezed like a vise. Exercise? Where will I fit that in?

BUT....I need to fit that in. It is an essential. For all the things that are keeping me so busy and aren't part of my regular schedule tend to add stress as they squeeze on my time. And lots of stress and no exercise, well, it isn't healthy. And it makes me crabby.

SO after this week - really, walking back and forth a kazillion times to the garage to prepare for my garage sale DOES count for exercise! - I do hope to get refocused with life in general and especially with my exercise.

I hope YOU are doing better with Living Well this week than I am!

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Miss*Suzanne said...

While I was reading your post this scripture came to mind:

"To everything there is a season"...

This is a different season, one that can be modified and enjoyed for not having to be on schedule.

Good luck with your garage sale! You're a brave woman to have one. I've had bad experiences with them so now I call up Amvets when I want to get rid of things. :)

Have a good week!
Suzie ;)

ValleyGirl said...

Isn't it funny how that happens?! Well, maybe "funny" isn't exactly the right word here....

I totally know what you mean. And days when hubby's on the road ~ especially if he's been gone overnight ~ are even harder to get started on ANYTHING, I find. Ah well, it really is just the way this season works. In some ways, it's a good thing it's only about 2 months long!!

Best wishes with the garage sale this weekend and have a great week!!

Karen said...

I think it's funny that every year I head into the summer season and think I will finally get caught up on something. And yet, summer does tend to be busier than any other time of year outside of Christmas. Perhaps it's all in the approach. Or perhaps it's because we fill our lives so full anymore that there is no down time.

Charlene said...

I am doing so much better now that summer is over. I have time to exercise in the morning instead of preparing for school, and it's a slower pace, so when I wake up mu daughter is usually asleep so that lends itself to quieter and longer devotions. Funny how the different seasons bring different things for each of us. I keep a good schedule in the school year, but it's about school and I am not an early bird so that doesn't help!! In the summer I rise about an hour earlier than I do in the winter - I'm sure it's the sun and birds! Have a great day!

Darlene said...

Summer is busy here too, and filled with food! But I'm lovin' it. At least gardening is giving me exercise.

Denise said...

Praying for you to be able to get back on schedule.

mom said...

I always smile when I come back here to read the comments! Encouragement is always a good thing :-)

Tammy ~@~

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