Saturday, July 26

an annual ongoing summer event :::sigh:::

There are some summer events you look forward to and then there are some that make you cringe. This is definitely a cringer and after I had already begun cleaning it up, I thought I should snap a quick picture.Yes, it is the annual ongoing summer event of the dogs being driven crazy by chipmunks (better known as chippies around our house). These sweet cute little critters drive the dogs about to insanity as they chirp here and there causing our dogs to race all around the yard chasing them hither and thither. Now I don't mind that the dogs run hither and thither, but I don't like it when the chippies dash to one of their many holes and duck out of sight causing the dogs to DIG. And DIG. And DIG some more! Of course they could never dig deep enough to actually catch a chippie because I'm convinced these holes must go to the center of the earth! And of course, these chippies have the audacity to commonly put their holes in my flowerbeds and these dogs have the audacity to dig in my flowerbeds :::::sigh::::: They've dug in my front flowerbed with minor damage. They've dug up my shady impatiens flowerbed which was heartbreaking. And now they've dug up where my daylilies were growing with johnny jump-ups among the rocks. Rocks flew. Dirt flew. My temper flew!

Yes, *I* the main dog lover of the family have reached the point of wanting to wring the necks of my dogs! And to never have another dog ever again!

Okay, thank you for letting me write this out....I feel a tad bit better now....

May your garden be free of this kind of annual ongoing summer event!

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