Monday, July 21


As I was wandering through my garden yesterday afternoon, I was struck by how many things are in full blossom at this very moment.....Pea blossoms

Bean blossoms

Tomato blossoms

Potato blossoms

Squash blossoms

There are many outside circumstances that could affect my garden blossoms either positively or negatively. The amount of sun, water, temperature, predators or bugs, and fertilizer will all play a part in whether or not these blossoms will set and produce fruit. As the gardener, I do what I can to produce a good harvest yet ultimately know it is in God's hands. After all, HE is the sunshine!

My children are much like these garden blossoms. Each one unique and different from the other. There is a large number of things which can affect them positively or negatively such as their diet, sleep, exercise, or outside elements like friends or media. As the mother, I can do what is within my power to raise responsible young adults, yet ultimately I know it is in God's hands. After all, HE provides the SONshine for their lives.

But wait a minute! Remember back when I got my tomato deal? I have a bottle of blossom set spray! By spraying my blossoms, I'm suppose to have better success in flower production, blossom setting, and fruit production.

And you know what? I trust and believe that God's Word regularly sprinkled into the lives of my children - combined with some worship and prayer - will also have an affect of setting God's blossoms in their lives and enhancing fruit of the spirit production.

Now how exciting is that?!

May your garden be filled with blossoms that hold the promise of wonderful fruit in the days ahead!

Tammy ~@~


Donna Boucher said...

what beautiful blossoms Tammy!!!

I would love to visit you and your garden...with my camera :o)

mom said...

Yes, you would definitely take much better pictures than I would! Although a garden is rather boring...maybe pics of the children working in the garden :-)

Tammy ~@~

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