Wednesday, July 16

do you live here?


For whatever reason, Blogger is being rather funky about putting up my Living Well picture, so I guess I'll give up for now and try again later.....

So, here we are at mid-summer already! It's flying by, isn't it? And I find myself in the usual place at this time of the summer when it comes to summer weight loss.....holding my own and sticking to good eating habits for the most part. You'd think that with all the activities, more daylight, etc. that it would be a dynamic time of working my weight down, however it never works that way. Perhaps it is the more relaxed schedule. Oh, wait a minute! I really don't have a schedule. And perhaps that is the problem. I don't have a scheduled time to exercise, so therefore I tend not to do it. Even my Curves days don't necessarily always happen. Instead through the summer I tend to live in "The Land of Good Intentions". Do you live here, too? Or am I all alone?

Perhaps I need a strong motivating factor to push me out of this land. In the past an anniversary trip to Hawaii and a family wedding were STRONG motivators in two different years. But there's nothing big like that on my horizon right now which keeps me in a comfortable place. Of course, I could do what ALWAYS works....go try on some clothes in a store and see myself in their mirrors! :::::THUD::::: I guess I haven't even done that in a long time because I haven't had the money to shop for extras. Oh well....

For myself, I know that once fall comes we'll be back into our schooling and regular activities schedule and exercising suddenly will become a five days a week thing. And most likely I will be able to lose the last few pounds. So, I'm not stressing too much about this land that I'm living in during mid-July.

So for now, I'll just enjoy puttering in my garden and working on other household projects that DO keep me moving enough to keep my weight stable. For our summers are far too short to not enjoy and truly are a gift from God :-)

Enjoy your day in your garden in whatever land you live in!

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Denise said...

You are doing well, be happy.

Love Bears All Things said...

I agree! You'd think with the heat, the sweating and all else, summer would be the time when weight would come off. I think we need to just concentrate on healthy choices where food is concerned and be as active as the heat and time allow. I know one thing for sure, my spirts are more upbeat when we have all this sunshine. And I so enjoy seeing all of God's gifts in nature.
Have a great week.
Mama Bear

Karen said...

You are not the only one who lives in the land of good intentions. Now if only fat won't find us here, we should be okay.

I suspect that the sweating is balanced by the ice cream and fresh berry desserts and thing like that. Sigh. But I wouldn't trade it for the world!


Marsha said...

I'm with you 100%.

Keep eating and thinking healthy. You can do it!

Miss*Suzanne said...

I'm sorry I missed your post last week. I loved when you said this:

"For our summers are far too short to not enjoy and truly are a gift from God :-)"

I SO agree!

You're doing great, enjoy your summer!

Suzie ;)

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