Friday, July 25

just a touch

There's not a doubt in my mind that Apple would prefer a better picture of promotion for their iPod Touch (which is why I'll add a link), but what can I say? The kid wouldn't hold still and just wanted to play!An older son walked into the house after work yesterday grinning from ear to ear. Finally he pulled something out of his backpack while grinning even more.

"Oh, you got a new iPod", his silly mother said casually as he grinned even more if that is at all possible. Then his wise mother had to scold him because he is notorious for spending money unwisely. He quickly informed her that it wasn't JUST an iPod, but an iPod Touch and that he hadn't spent a cent on it. His curious and concerned mother raised her eyebrows. "What do you mean you didn't spend a cent on it?" was her reply. "It was a gift", he simply stated.

Back in June after a young couple we knew got married, this son and the groom's brother made a trip half way across the country to pull a trailer load of furniture, household items, clothing, etc, to deliver to the newlyweds tiny apartment in a big city while this couple was on their honeymoon. It was quite an adventure for these two rural travelers! They did a great job with no mishaps, came home, and life returned to its regular routine.

Until yesterday when he received this gift in appreciation for his gift of helping them.

And while he was busy pinching himself in ecstatic joy still not believing that he had received such a gift - especially since his iPod had died quite awhile back and he just didn't have the money to replace it - I pondered upon just how amazing God is in His blessings. Really.

This son is much like his Dad...a very generous heart when there is a need and not expecting a thing in return. He did this favor for a friend not expecting a thing and enjoying the adventure along the way. And he ended up being blessed beyond anything he could have imagined. It makes me think of heaven...

"For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord." ~ Romans 6:23

Heaven is like that gift we really don't deserve, but it's ours by accepting Jesus as our Lord and Savior because He paid the cost for our sins. And right now we're just enjoying - well, sometimes life isn't all that enjoyable! - the adventure and not really thinking much about the gift ahead. Someday...someday we will fully grasp the gift of God as we enter heaven and I believe it will be more amazing than anything we could ever imagine! I just smile when I hear kids say that they think heaven is just about standing around singing all day :-) Hey, I like to sing - in my kitchen! - so I wouldn't mind the singing part, but ohhhh, I believe the sights and the sounds and the smells and the EVERYTHING will be much more amazing than anything we could ever imagine with our human minds. We'll start smiling and smiling some more and smiling even much more than we ever thought possible because it will all be so amazing.

Yup, I think God is pretty amazing!

May you ponder the gift of God in your garden today!

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HappyMomof5 said...

What a nice gift for your son. I am sure that made an impression on others in your family as well.

stephseef said...

what an encouraging story -- as i spent part of this morning on hold with apple, trying to get my ipod fixed! i fear it's beyond repair.. and i'm an ADD music geek so I LOVE LOVE LOVE having the tunes all RIGHT at my literal fingertips. but i think i'm going to have to content myself with a $49 shuffle until I can afford another of the big ones....

---and a shuffle will be a very extravagant gift from the Lord. I FORGET sometimes that we live in SUCH excess......

time for more scrabulous!

mom said...

You sound just like my kids, Steph! So, does your family always pull a cord out of your ear to talk to you like this mother does to her sons frequently? *wink*

Tammy ~@~

stephseef said...

only when i'm cleaning.
so, in other words,
not very often.

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