Thursday, July 24

lazy summer reading

One thing I enjoyed while growing up was reading. I can still remember my mom taking me to the library and going through the huge children's section to find good books. Reading was a year around enjoyment, but nothing could beat reading on lazy summer days when there was nothing else to do.

Since becoming a mother, I found my time squeezed through the years. Reading was something I did while nursing a baby since I had no choice but to sit for a bit, however that tended to be more magazine type reading since it came in spurts. Much easier to read an article here or there than a book with longer chapters. And when getting books, the choices tended to be more serious Christian books or homeschooling books or health books or mothering books. Even those were hard to sit down and just read as my time was limited and were often being pushed to before bed reading. Well, I don't know if you could consider it actually reading since I always fell asleep within the first few sentences.

Ahhh, but this summer I've allowed myself a bit of time here and there for some leisure reading out on the porch, more classical kind of stuff. Earlier I finished up "North and South" by Elizabeth Gaskell (no, this isn't the Civil War's set in England) and last night I finished up "Northanger Abbey" by Jane Austen. I do have another book started, but it doesn't fit the leisure reading style as it's dealing with women's health and my current season of life (ya, that sounds like a hoot, doesn't it?! LOL!)

Soooo, what to read next? A classic? Anyone have any ideas?

Off to get my chores done so I CAN consider some leisure reading later today :-)

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Tammy said...

I have always loved to read as well. I so wish my sons loved it like I do but I guess when you have so many siblings to keep you entertained reading is not as comforting as it is to an only child like me.

My SIL just gave me The Shack by William P. Young. She says it's great. I'm hoping to get a start on it today.

Karen said...

reading is a passion of mine! I think I would go crazy if I didn't have a book waiting in the wings to read. (There's always a stack of them around here somewhere.)

I am currently reading "Yours, Jack" which is a collection of C S Lewis letters. Good stuff! I am also finishing a John Ortberg book on spiritual disciplines and I have a George Mueller biography lined up next. (along with several other titles that will catch my eye along the way. Oh the joys of working in a book store and having a daughter who works at the library!)

Enjoy your health book. :)

ChiGirl said...

I'm SOOO jealous!! You just finished the ONE Austen book I've never read!!! I just finished Persuasion not long ago. I liked it almost as much as P&P. You should pick it up soon. :-)

stephseef said...

Tam - have you read the Brock and Bodie Thoene series from like 25 years ago? About the orchestra musicians in WW II? I am NOT much of a Christian fiction fan [with some exception] but this series is lovely and redemptive and historic and... well, I loved it.

just a thought!

mom said...

Ahhh, so many good ideas and so little time! LOL! I'll ponder this week as it'll be too busy to do much reading and decide on an August good book to finish out my summer :-)

Tammy ~@~

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