Tuesday, July 22

missing my little boys

Having spent much time in the garden over the last several days as we catch up on the weeds that have enjoyed the rain and warmer temperatures, I suddenly realized something yesterday. I miss my little boys! That is a random odd observation, isn't it?

Yes, there are still boys around our household, but they are growing up. They come out, do their garden work, and then disappear to do something else which is usually inside these days.

It's those little boys of yesterday - or at least it seems like yesterday - that I'm missing while I garden. The ones you could hear playing in the woods or building a fort somewhere. Their discussions would travel through the woods as I was plopped somewhere in the garden and I'd smile as I'd hear their conversations. You know, the ones who'd race up and down the driveway as fast as they could on their bikes to dodge the *police* who were chasing them or stop at their gas station or restaurant along the driveway. Or what about the ones who'd play baseball in the front yard and I could hear the familiar bang as the ball would hit the downstairs door by home plate. And I mustn't forget the one sister stuck in the mix who could keep up with those boys like nobody's business and can still hold her own against them.

I was forewarned it would happen and now it has. Those various sounds of childhood which hold so much pleasure in my heart....I'm missing them!

Of course, I still don't believe for a single minute that I will ever miss the MESS of childhood. Perhaps because that is something that I still live with indoors with the children who are living here. "Pick up, pick up, pick up!" continues to be my battle cry. At least if I do start missing messes when my house is clean, neat, and wonderfully organized again - Will that EVER happen? A gal can dream, can't she?! LOL! - I can always invite some grands here to drag things out and leave them lying from one end of the house to the other!

Enjoy the sounds of children in your summer garden today for that season is short!

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