Monday, July 28

no giveaway here!

As I read recently that the summer bloggy giveaway was coming up, it only took me about one second to decide I couldn't do it during the week it was planned. I sniffled a few times, then moved on with life. It's a busy week ahead for me with travel, a day long seminar, baby hogging, travel, some writing, my first soccer practice as a coach - yikes!, and a long weekend of a son's girlfriend visiting. Now I'm sniffling again at the thought of missing countless HOURS on the computer commenting for bloggy giveaways. It is fun and I actually won one of the giveaways last time :-) But perhaps your summer is lazier and you can spare the time, so check it out HERE. And quite honestly, I think it's actually more fun to give something away....perhaps next time!

Have fun!

Tammy ~@~


Karen said...

I had thought I would participate this time...but somehow time has passed and I am not ready to give anything away. Other than piles of laundry and a few weedy flower beds. Do you think anybody would be interested in those?

Enjoy your day!

mom said...

You never know, Karen! LOL!

Tammy ~@~

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