Monday, July 14

a prayer focus

"Let this be a day of prayer. Let us see that our highest ministry and power is to deal with God for men. Let us be obedient to all the Holy Spirit's voices of prayer in us. Let us count every pressure a call to prayer. Let us cherish the spirit of unceasing prayer and abiding communion. Let us learn the meaning of the ministry of prayer. Let us reach people this day we cannot reach in person. Let us expect results that we have never dared to claim before. Let us count every difficulty only a greater occasion for prayer. And let us call on God, who will show us many great and mighty things which we know not." ~ A. B. Simpson

When I read this paragraph this morning, my heart went, "wow!" Pick a line, any line, and let it be your focus of prayer today. Or better yet, take the whole paragraph seriously and watch what God will do with it!

Too often it seems that prayer is a neglected part of our spiritual life which only receives a line or two when we are in need. It's time to look at prayer as a tool that God gives us that has power and might beyond anything we can imagine. Doubt it? Talk to a prayer warrior some time and be amazed!

God is active and always moving. Join with Him as you pray in your garden today!

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