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princess baby

Here she sweet little princess baby grandangel :-)

Since I don't write birth stories on my blog from babies that I've witnessed come into the world, I won't do that this time either. Instead I'll give you a perspective that comes from the buzz question before this particular baby arrived...

*How do you think you'll do as a birth doula AND a grandma when your daughter is in labor?

And the answer. Well. As a birth doula it always takes me at least a few days after any birth to process the birth. What went well. What I could have done better. All those things I didn't think of at the time that might have helped. What the mother's impressions were. The staff at the birth. Etc. And I'm still doing that at this time.

Only this time my viewpoint might be biased as I've held, sniffed, kissed, and adored this baby and allowed my heart to immediately dream dreams for her since she's in my life as family. Truly, a grandbaby does something to your heart that none of your children ever did. Can't explain it. It's a different kind of love. A tenderness that is hard to describe. It's like God takes this incredible love you have for your own children and turns a knob which enhances it a zillion times over when your grandchildren arrive. Sappy and sentimental, aren't I?

Back to the question....

Yes, I did use birth doula skills from start to finish, but hardly at all. It was mainly the tool of observation. Watching, listening, knowing. Watching her face and body. Listening to her sounds change. Knowing when to leave the house or change positions or be firm in my encouragement. Nothing came out of my birth bag and my hands were not used. Pretty lazy birth doula now that I think about it.

And yet really, why did I not expect this? She had attended three of my births missing the last one while she was in Mexico on a mission trip. When considering her own upcoming birth, she said she had no fear or anxiety about labor but rather more of a relaxed anticipation. There was a clear vision for her of what labor was all about and how you needed to go through it. And that is exactly what she did. She found her rhythm, she focused, she desired quiet, she brought forth her baby. It was simply amazing and my heart overflows with, I don't know, joy or pride or something, every time I think about it.

The grandma part? I don't think it was a conscious thing until the baby was making its arrival and I couldn't wait to see if it was a boy or girl. As soon as I knew the answer, I quickly ran to get my camera to take some pictures. And I stayed until they got settled into their new room, then headed back to their place to get some sleep with the usual birth high feeling as I closed my eyes.

The next morning I had a mission to pick up a few basic pink things for this sweet princess baby before I went to the hospital. Easy enough only I wasn't prepared for the emotions that would come with this mission. The first stop was a bookstore to get a couple books good for new moms and I couldn't resist going into the children's department. And there was the perfect book - Princess Baby by Karen Katz. The tears started there and continued with each store I stopped at every time my hands picked up something pink. Perhaps it came from a deja vu kind of moment of remembering when this particular daughter of mine was born and how it seemed to take forever for my mom to get to the hospital. When she did arrive, she had all these wonderful pink things for my new baby and her granddaughter. Oh, how she would have loved this moment of welcoming a new great granddaughter! And now I'm crying all over again!

Yes, being a birth doula AND a grandma is a sappy sentimental experience which is a perfect fit for me! :-)

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Tina said...

What a sweet little baby girl!! Congratulations!! How blessed she is to have such a sweet sappy sentimental grandmama :)
Glad you are home safe though I know your arms long to be hogging . . um. . I mean holding that baby :)

Noel said...

Awww, how precious!! And yes, you did do very well as a doula. I have sometimes found my role as a doula to just sit in the corner and encourage. I observe. I encourage dad to be the primary doula. Some times they need a little more help from me, and some times they know exactly how to help their wife. It's beautiful to behold! Praise God for the lovely couple and for the gracious grandmother/doula!

Donna Boucher said...

Oh Tammy,
What wonderful words of love.

I have not really thought about grandbaby love before...but you make it sound so wonderful.

God Bless you sweet princess baby!

Robin in New Jersey said...

Congratulations! I know exactly what you are saying. I had my first grandbaby almost a year ago and there is nothing like it.

mom said...

Awww, thanks everyone!

Tammy ~@~

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