Monday, July 7

the second half of the season

It happens every year and I've learned to accept that it's just who I am. We finish up our schooling in May and then I spend a month puttering. A whole month of wandering from this to that to the other thing. It's not that I don't accomplish things in that month, I do. Lots of little things and this year the big things were the garden and the garage sale.

Then the fireworks come. You know, the fourth of July :-) And that seems to be the marker date stating the second half of the summer is about to begin and I need to kick into gear and get FOCUSED. It's amazing how a date on a calendar can turn the switch to the *ON* position. My days suddenly have more determination and my lists are present and active.

Of course, this year I get to throw in a baby whose due date is this week which steps up the intensity a bit more. Not only do I have lists to work through, but I also need to prepare my household a bit for when I suddenly take off to hopefully arrive in time to watch a new grandbaby come into the world.

Yes, life is full.

And yet in all its fullness, I don't want to compromise the most important thing which is spending time with the Lord each morning. My heart is full of so many people and things to pray about right now which I don't want to neglect. It certainly makes my days go better if I've done my business with the Lord first thing in the day :-)

So, is there anyone else that senses that summer is fleeting now that we are past the fourth?

May your garden days be full and productive with a bit of enjoyment in the mix!

Tammy ~@~


Karen said...

I just realized that Jonathan has two classics to read in the next five weeks! I have no idea where the summer has gone but apparently somebody snuck up and took it away. (Or I frittered it away but that doesn't sound nearly as appealing. Sigh.)

Enjoy the days left!

mom said...

o/^ :::high five::: from one fritterer to another! LOL! May we both get more done yet this summer :-)

Tammy ~@~

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