Tuesday, July 15

sniffing over spinach

Just look at that beautiful wonderful patch of spinach! :::sniff sniff::: The picture was taken right before the Fourth of July weekend as the spinach was almost to the point of perfection. AND THEN we went away for a long weekend. AND THEN my daughter started having some pre-labor signs which kept me in the house preparing to leave. AND THEN I did leave to spend a few days with her. AND THEN when I came back home there was camp to pack for, baseball to go to, laundry to catch up on, housework to tidy up, church to go to (how's that for a midwesterner using a bunch of prepositions at the end of phrases -classic!). AND THEN everyone went out to the garden yesterday to weed and hoe and work only to see that the spinach had gotten tall and gone.to.seed. :::sigh::: Still a little bit usable, but the flavor won't be nearly as good as when Lovey was nibbling on the leaves in the picture. I'm hoping to quickly plant another crop and maybe get another fresh batch of spinach yet this summer.

All that to say....I was only reminded of my sad sniffing spinach saga when I saw that my article was up this morning over at Heart of the Matter. Go over and read about our generations of gardeners :-)

It's raining here today, but at least it's warm. Paperwork to catch up on while stuck indoors.

Enjoy the day in your garden whether rain or shine or filled with perfect spinach!

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