Tuesday, July 1

the summer blink

Beware! Blink your eyes and summer will be fleeting!

This morning I will flip my calendar with an unwilling spirit as we enter the month of July. It always seems that once June is over, the rest of the summer will fly by. Does anyone else feel that way? And wouldn't it be nice if once January was over, the rest of the winter would fly by? HA! It never works that way, does it?

The first of July also marks a birthday in our household. Still a teen, but one who is wiser having completed his first year of college. The boy with the smile. And now a first girlfriend who makes him smile more. His time left at home will be as fleeting as a summer day.

Enjoy this summer day in your garden before...blink!...it's gone!

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linda said...

Yes, I feel the same way. My son's birthday is June 25th...it seems after his birthday it's no time until my daughter's birthday August 26th. What happens to the days inbetween?

Happy Birthday to your son too!

Robin in New Jersey said...

I always dread leaving June, my favorite month. It went by way too fast this year. The rest of the summer will fly. I hope to really enjoy every minute of it.

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