Thursday, July 3

summer is here

"When spring green turns deeper, summer has just arrived." ~ Author Unknown

Walking around the yard yesterday, I noticed how full and deep green our woods had become. Our spring was so slow coming with the cool weather that summer so quietly crept into the woods without any notice. The weather is predicted to warm up over the rest of the week which would complete the sense of summer actually being here.

Walking around the garden yesterday, I noticed how scattered and random the vegetables had become. Our spring of cool weather hampered the growth of many of the plants with some not even fully germinating leaving spaces in the rows. The weather is predicted to be sunny and dry the rest of the week which means more watering will be necessary to keep those plants which are growing well to continue to do well.

Walking around the house yesterday, I noticed how relaxed and carefree the children had become. They were completely immersed in the season of summer as noted by flip flops here, wet towels there, and a lawn chair in the sun with a book still left in it. It really doesn't matter what the predicted weather is as the children will find things to do in their untroubled state of mind often needing a mother's prompting to do their chores. Sometimes needing a LOT of prompting.

Summer. A season of indescribable beauty. A season of growth. A season with a rhythm different than the other seasons in our household. And for all of those reasons I am thankful on this morning :-)

Enjoy summer in your garden!

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