Thursday, July 17

then and now

Last night before bed I was reflecting on the fact that it was my firstborn's birthday. Although it was 27 years ago - no, that isn't a mistype! - there are details that I still remember oh so clearly. Amazing how labor and birth create such powerful memories, isn't it? And as I was thinking back, I was struck by how young and inexperienced I was at that time. Babies were a mystery only rarely experienced when I babysat during high school and I basically made sure I wasn't available to babysit those scary creatures very often! And then I was handed my firstborn and life suddenly changed. It was a day by day learning experience filled with plenty of blunders but all accomplished with a heart full of love. He survived, we survived, and eight more babies followed as our family grew.

Last night before bed I was reflecting on the fact that it was my oldest daughter's firstborn's one week birthday. I wonder what my daughter will remember someday of her labor and birth when her firstborn turns 27 years old. Babies were not a mystery to her when she was handed her firstborn as she had held and loved seven younger siblings as babies. Life has changed as she's learning day by day about breastfeeding and catnapping and sleepy baby smiles all with a heart full of love. They, too, will survive this newborn stage as they begin their life as a family.

Last night before bed I was reflecting on the fact of how good God has been to me. My heart was full of love as I thanked Him for the gift of children and grandchildren. Whether inexperienced or experienced in all that comes along in my life, I know that I will survive because God is with me and His love will keep me forever.

"Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his love endures forever." ~ Psalm 118:1

May God's love fill your heart along the garden path today!

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