Tuesday, August 5

a beanful day

As the weather began to clear a bit yesterday morning, the decision was made by mom to get going on beans. The thing with gardening is that you have to do it when it's ready! Although we have been eating meals of fresh beans - I LOVE them that way! - the bulk of the rows was ready to be picked. I only planted a small area with yellow beans, so here's the bowl full of those.
And here's the first bowl of green beans I picked. Since I was too late to send off my seed order this year, I picked up packages of bean seeds from the local hardware store and tried two varieties. Now I'm hoping that the name of them is still legible on the popscicle sticks that I wrote them on at the end of the rows because there's definitely one variety I like better than the other.

After bringing the beans into the kitchen, I called the kids to duty. They all have their favorite knives and cutting boards to use and set up an assembly line of bean processing while I got the canning supplies ready to go. And when they began grumbling a bit later in the day about the job they were doing, I reminded them that their older siblings never complained about doing beans when they were little. HA! As soon as a call came in from one of those older siblings while the bean cutting was going on, that claim was refuted as the older sibling confessed to not liking that job back then either AND said that mom just doesn't remember how much they complained! HA! Those older siblings need to learn to bathe in the glory of mom's forgetfulness which puts them on the pedestal of good examples to follow, don't you think? *wink*
The last canner got turned off shortly before 9 PM last night and here's a sampling of the finished product......ahhhhhh! I LOVE listening to the lids pop as the jars seal :-) The first canning of the season is over!

There's still a lot of small green beans on the plants, so we'll have to check them out later in the week and maybe do another canning on Friday.

Now to spend some time this morning looking through the drawers to find my momentum to get on another project today......

Enjoy this August day in your garden!

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