Thursday, August 7

a bunny trail

This morning as I was walking over to my desk, I did my traditional look out at the garden. Ahhhh! We had finally gotten an ever so brief rain shower last night which had watered the garden much better than my efforts after supper. And then my eye caught a movement. A bunny. Right outside my garden fence. ARGH! I don't know if the bunny had just come from inside my garden or was contemplating going into my garden. All I knew was that I didn't want it anywhere NEAR my garden as bunnies do way too much damage to my veggies.

So I sprinted through the house to find a dog. One was sound asleep on the floor by a child's bed. The other one was on the porch. Perfect! I slipped something on my feet as I went out the door and onto the porch. "Bunny, bunny", I kept whispering as I walked with the dog around the house. Then he spotted the twitching ears by the garden and took off faster than I've EVER seen him run in my life! Through the yard, across the driveway and into the woods, down the hill and into the low lying area with his snoot to the ground!

And I instantly felt sick to my stomach. Naw, not about the bunny. They are cute and all, but they aren't a gardener's friend. A deja vu moment many years ago. Walking down a snowy driveway with a wonderful golden retriever who suddenly got a scent of something. She leaped over the snowbank as quick as could be to chase something in the woods. And when she came back home she was dragging a leg :::sigh::: The vet report wasn't good as she had pulled some ligament which would never heal without surgery....a surgery that might was well have cost a zillion dollars because the amount he quoted was way over anything we'd ever be able to afford at that time. We had to put her to sleep. It was devastating.

And I instantly felt foolish. Naw, not about the bunny. But rather about impulsively acting without thinking was more like it. I could have easily walked down to the garden myself and chased that bunny off and far into the woods. The dogs would have no doubt later picked up the bunny's scent and followed the path with a gentle jog like they regularly do. Instead I just reacted without thinking and could have put the dog into a bad situation by his sudden racing erratic run through the woods.

How many times is the foolish man spoken of in Proverbs? A ton. Go through Proverbs and read all the comparisons between the wise man and the foolish man. It ain't pretty! It is wisdom God wants us to seek for our lives....

"Wisdom is supreme; therefore get wisdom." ~ Proverbs 4:7a

And if you learn the lessons well, you won't be suddenly racing erratically down a bunny trail in your garden!

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ChiGirl said...

::Sigh:: Yes, I can relate. Seem recently, my foolish man's mouth has gotten the better of me. ::Sigh::

I can just see him racing around like a mad dog. ::Giggle::

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