Wednesday, August 20

find the smile

Although there is no rain in the forecast today, I woke up late to gloomy heavy gray skies. Weird dreams had kept me dozing way too long and groggily I thought over my day. I almost vetoed going to Curves, but instead dragged myself out of bed and headed out the door. It was rather quiet there as all my usual fellow exercisers had already been there and left since I was so late this morning. Then an older woman whom I hadn't seen for a long time came in with her usual smile which lights up her entire face. And my immediate thought was...."I wanna be JUST LIKE HER when I grow up!"

Wait a minute! I think I AM all grown up!


Just one of those blah days. Sometimes I think the world just gets me down. Before bed last night I browsed the news online. What are the headlines in the media right now? Wedding pictures from Hollywood of two women who just married. Or how about the multi-million dollar pictures of twins born into a family with four children to an unmarried couple. Sin glamorized. Or what about war breaking out on foreign soil. A former presidential candidate having an affair exposed. An older woman badly beaten by a mugger. More sin. Blech.

Wait a minute! I think I have something in my life that can turn the blech into a smile. God's Word :-)

When I got home from Curves, I opened up my husband's one year Bible for today's passages and read Psalm 36:1-12. Even David got worn down by the sin and evil found in the world as you read through verses one through four. But suddenly in verse five (and the verses following), his attitude changes as he focuses on the Lord's unfailing love.

Want a smile that lights up your face? It's found through the Lord's unfailing love which shines through in a world which headlines sin. His love will give you the joy joy joy joy down in your heart! And isn't that what Living Well is all about?

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And smile!

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Denise said...

Keep smiling precious one, God loves you so very much.

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Joanie said...

Hi ~ I just joined Live Well and came by to visit your blog... What a blessing! It definitely put a smile in my heart. Thanks for sharing. :)

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