Tuesday, August 19

a fool's meddling

My main morning devotional book this year has been going through the book of Proverbs. Since the main theme of the book is wisdom, there's quite a bit of talk about the contrary.....fools.

Okay, everyone who considers themselves a fool.....raise your hand! HA! No one thinks they are a fool, do they? That is until they read through the book of Proverbs and have a handy devotional that applies the verses to specific situations. Suddenly you have to say "OUCH! That's me!"

Today's topic was meddling. And here was the line that caught my eye: "There is absolutely nothing we can do better than God, except mess up a situation." (from Daily Wisdom from the Bible) Learning that meddling is NOT in a mother's job description has been perhaps one of the harder lessons I've had to acquire through the years. It's not always noticeable when our children are younger - it's called "guidance" then *wink* - but definitely comes out more fully when children are growing into young adults.

It is so hard at times to keep your hands out of situations where you know best and want to "assist" God in His work. But you know what? He DOES know best and ultimately HE is the one in control. It takes the painful suffering of consequences from meddling to make that truth reality. After many hard lessons - which still make me cringe when I look back at them - you learn that the BEST way is to let go and fully trust God. As soon as you do that, God acts in mighty ways in those specific situations and you realize HIS ways are much much better than what you had in mind. It truly is a walk in faith. Moment by moment.

Stay away from foolish meddling on your garden path today and instead enjoy the peace found in trusting in God!

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