Monday, August 18


There's a kind of hush this morning....

We had a major departure yesterday. My oldest daughter and new baby had been visiting for over a week while her husband was busy getting things painted and trimmed and fixed up in their new place. Their time here flew by and we all had lots of baby snuggling throughout the week and enjoyed a relaxing laid back visit. She had timed her visit so that her return would include dropping off a brother along the way to start his second year of college. So after church we were busy gathering last minute things for him as he packed everything into the back - as well as into every nook and cranny - of her jeep. And off they drove into the hot afternoon sun.

We resumed playing for the rest of the day with a church baptism and picnic in the afternoon and an evening dinner and fellowship with new friends. When we got home after 10 PM last night, everyone was worn out and hit the sack.

So here it is the first morning of a new week. And here I sit. My routine has been off for a week and my house is quiet. The children are still sleeping. Hush. If only I could get my mind to hush. It's whirling with all that I need to do this week. Whirling so fast I don't know where to begin! Whirling while the rest of me says just sit and be quiet. Hush.....

"Be still and know that I am God....." ~ Psalm 46:10a

To hush or that the question in your garden, too?

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ChiGirl said...

I'm right there with you. This morning I was down right dizzy with the whirling of a new week and only 2 or so weeks till Labor Day and things that got put off for 10 days.... Back at it!

I am taking a break tonight and going bowling with DH. :-) I beat him consistently in Wii bowling...let's see about real life, eh? :-)

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