Friday, August 22

just beetiful

Having had beets in my garden forever, it was hard the last couple of years to have something just nip them at ground level not even bothering to eat the leaves. I never found the culprits that had done the damage which resulted in NO crop. It was odd, too, that I had planted the beets in different areas of the garden and the culprit found them. So, I planted fewer beet seeds this year in case there was a repeat. Ahhh, but no problems at all and here's a picture of part of the beet patch.
Yesterday I pulled them all out and cut the tops in preparation for cooking them for canning. Here's a sampling....

Once cooked, they were skinned and cut for the jars as I filled them with the pickling recipe handed down from my grandmother to my mother to me. Nothing fancy. Just a vinegar/sugar mix with a bit of salt. And I had enough to perfectly fill a canner of eleven pints. And here they are happily cooling on my kitchen countertop :-)

Since I only had one canner of beets to do and all the canning supplies were out, I rounded up the kids to help me with beans. The beans just keep coming this summer and we ended up with 14 quarts before having to leave for soccer practice.

Of course the best news is that the farmers market should be getting in canning tomatoes sometime in the next couple of weeks so I can start those next. Which reminds me....six of my fourteen mystery tomato plants have turned out to be little cherry tomatoes. It looks like we are going to have LOTS of those! YIKES! I wish my family enjoyed fresh tomatoes more!

Okay, I'm running behind on my household work after taking the day canning, so off to work for me!

Enjoy this Friday in your garden!

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