Saturday, August 16

just a swimmer?

Anyone else getting drawn into watching the Olympics on a regular basis? I confess that we often find ourselves watching in the mornings and definitely in the evenings with thankfulness that the main Olympic events are carried on NBC since that is the only channel we get in clearly on our television.

There's always a lot of rooting for the home team going on and we are always amazed by the feats of the athletes. And last night was a great example of that as we watched Dara Torres, a 41 year old woman who swims like a 20 year old, compete in the 50 meter freestyle race. Oh yes, she won her heat. But that wasn't what impressed me about her. It was prior to the competition beginning when a swimmer from Sweden was having problems with her swimsuit. Dara first tried to help her and then as the swimmers were preparing to get in their lane positions, she walked over to the judge to quickly explain the problem. The commentators were talking about her "good sportsmanship" which was indeed true. But I saw it more as a display of maturity that comes with being older AND being a mom. We see someone in trouble and we want to help. We put others before ourselves. Natural instinct. And I thought it was cool :-)

And no, my commentary about Dara Torres won't be picked up by national news media. Hopefully it will be an encouragement to other moms to practice "good sportsmanship" and to live out the "golden rule" in public.

Off to a soccer morning!

Enjoy your day!

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