Tuesday, August 12

lots of peas

Here's a picture of some of my pea plants. They are nice, bushy, and full of pea pods right now as they grow along the fence I added into the garden. There hasn't been such a good crop of peas in a long time and I think it's perhaps because our summer has been much cooler than normal.Early this spring, I received a box in the mail from my daughter-in-law's grandpa who lives way down south. The box was filled with pea seeds! And it just so happened that my daughter-in-law was here when it was garden planting time, so she actually planted her grandpa's pea seeds. I had her plant them on the other side of the pea fence as I anticipated them needing to climb since that was what I was used to my pea plants doing. She did that, but also put them in hills as her grandpa instructed. My pea plants were up and growing and I kept waiting for hers to poke through the ground. And finally they did!
Those poor seeds probably thought they were in the tundra as they had shivered in my northern ground and the success rate was low as only four plants survived. As they've grown they've bushed out and are now vining which is very different than what I'm used to seeing. No blossoms yet either. I'm anxious to see if we'll end up with any peas. Oh, and I can't remember the type of peas? Perhaps black-eyed?
In the meantime we'll be busy munching peas out in the garden as they are at the perfect eating stage :-)

Enjoy the fresh vegetables of the summer season!

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