Tuesday, August 26

a new theory

A couple of years ago at one of my female kind of appointments, my doctor and I were talking about this season of life as hormone levels begin to drop and the noticeable areas to be affected by those decreases. She mentioned that we commonly think of estrogen and progesterone as the culprits, but that women also have testosterone which is part of the hormone dance and whose levels drop, too. With that particular hormone decreasing, there's often a decrease in drive, motivation, and energy in women.

Lack of drive, motivation, and energy. BINGO! I'm livin' it!

BUT.....I have found the cure! I know where to get some additional testosterone into my system.


Picking up my husband's Sunday newspaper yesterday, I was browsing through sections as I was stacking the paper into the recycle pile. An article by Brian Truitt in this Sunday's USA Weekend caught my eye. It was about how kissing relieves stress - such as the whole "kiss and make up" after a fight - by releasing particular hormones and chemicals into our systems. The particular statement that caught my eye was made by Helen Fisher, a biological anthropologist from Rutgers University, who said that "when a man kisses a woman he injects testosterone through his saliva."

Did you hear that? I found an easy source of testosterone! Woo hoo!

Lots of sloppy kissing is going to get my house deep cleaned as well as my project list crossed off in no time! Woo hoo!

I'll let you know how well this theory works! *wink*

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I'm glad you found the secret. I can't wait to hear if it works!

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