Saturday, August 9

the official start!

Ah, yes! It seems like only yesterday that I was forced persuaded to sign up as a soccer coach for a U-10 team since they were so short on people willing to volunteer as coaches. I signed my name on the dotted line. Yup, that was back in April. See MY ball?! Isn't it pretty?! :-) Since that day in April I've gone through training and coaches meetings and two practice with nine kids who are eight and nine years old - six boys and three girls. Okay, I exercise at Curves three times a week and love to walk - although I've been negligent on that for a bit this summer:::sigh::: - but I've hardly broken a sweat doing either one of those two activities. Wanna get good and sweaty?! Be a soccer coach! Run up and down the field with those kids. Get the drills set up from one side to the next. Chase balls that go out of bounds. Play some defense. Or offense. You'll find yourself one soakin' mama, or grandma in my case, at the end of the practice! AND.....I love it!

I also came up with a theory. They give the really good kids to the volunteers who have never coached before. Really, I have an awesome bunch of kids on my team who are enthusiastic, know the game, and enjoy the game. I'll let you know how that theory holds up when I get to the end of the season! LOL!

So, here's to a good season of soccer in the weeks ahead!

Enjoy your summer day!

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rural momma said...

That is great!! :0) I do not understand a thing about soccer, but I think it's wonderful that you stepped up to the position. My personal favorite sports are, basketball and softball. I actually was the referee in one of my ds games!! It was not pretty. ;0) LOL

I got your link from the HOM, great post over there. :0)

mom said...

Thanks for stopping by :-)

You know, I think that whenever we stretch ourselves to try new things it's a good thing! Adds to our life's experiences in a positive way :-)

Tammy ~@~

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