Monday, August 11

ohhh, to be five

How wonderful it is to be five years old and spend a summer day at the state fair! The food, the animals, and the merry-go-round!Such a sweet age with so much excitement about life! She's so excited about officially starting school especially since she's browsed through her books as they've arrived this summer. This girl wants to READ! And she wants to do it NOW!

Today over at Heart of the Matter I've written about the journey of reading. If you're in need of a bit of encouragement with a new reader or have a tip to share that you've learned from teaching a child to read, please stop over HERE for a visit! Plus there's a giveaway for new readers over there!

Off to water my garden and see how much it's grown over the weekend while we were off playing! Enjoy this summer day in your garden!

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