Saturday, August 30

our corn

"Abundance is a cornfield ripe for picking." ~ from my gardening flip calender

Okay, it's only two rows in my garden so I don't know if I can officially call it a *cornfield*....BUT....we picked our first meal of corn for supper and it was deliciously sweet and tender. We're looking forward to another meal or two yet this summer and then the corn stalks will come down and be used as fall decorations around the house.

May you enjoy the good eatings from your garden!

Tammy ~@~


Anonymous said...

How wonderful that you have such a plentyful garden! I can't wait until we can buy a home with a garden! I've never gardened before but looking forward to it! Thanks for sharing your delicious looking corn picture!
In Him,

Tammy said...

When I first met my husband, his parents had several rows of corn growing in their garden. We would go out and pick the corn fresh for dinner... soooo good!! Congratulations!

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