Wednesday, August 13

a premonition of sorts

Yesterday when I first sat down in the dentist chair, I was amazed to see they've jumped into the technology age and have a computer right there with all my records. The dental hygienist took the x-rays off my teeth and then they popped up on the screen for us to look at while she cleaned my teeth. Sweet!

She and I chatted about this new computer development and how thankful she was that they not only had it at their fingertips but also had a paper record for each patient as well. Previously she had worked at a dental office which had everything on computer and when the computer system went down, everything was gone. They had no information available on the patients. Nothing.

When I got home from the dentist and had a moment available, I went to turn on my laptop computer. Nothing. Several attempts proved fruitless. I asked one of my older sons who works with computers a bit to take a look at it when he got home. Nothing worked. Then I called my oldest whose job is in a technology department. We tried several things. Nothing.

And then I thought of my earlier conversation at the dentist. All relevant information in one area. If something happens, it's all gone. Yup, that would be my laptop.


I am hopeful that a solution will be found to resurrect it from its current dead computer state. If not, well, I'll think about the next step when it comes. Until then we do have our ancient of days slower than molasses computer that the kids use which likes to freeze up BUT I can somewhat access the internet. And I am counting it a blessing that my college aged son is home until the end of the week and he's graciously letting mom use his computer a bit.

Time to pull out a notebook to do my writing by hand, eh? Perhaps in the meantime I'll work on some other projects. And I'll certainly have more time to put the whole computer realm into proper perspective....

Enjoy your summer day!

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Brumbemom said...

Hey, I sooo feel your pain. My laptop died a few weeks ago and I have been trying to recall everything that I know I must have lost. It is frustrating.

mom said...

:::sigh::: Perhaps it's good that I don't remember all that I've lost. I have no bookmarks or links or all my writing drafts. I won't remember it until I need it again. I really miss writing though :::another sigh:::

Tammy ~@~

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