Wednesday, August 27

a quiet heart

Whatever my mind was considering writing about last night is now gone this morning. Completely. In fact, I had a couple other things to be working on writing for a deadline and those ideas are gone, too.

For while I slept, a tragedy was playing out in another family's life. And reading about it this morning in a series of emails has given me a dose of reality. Life is short and God is the keeper of our days. We may *think* we have control, however it is He who numbers our days and orders our steps.

Living Well sometimes means quieting our hearts and lifting them up in prayer knowing He can touch hearts and comfort others who live far away. Living Well may mean taking a deeper look into your own heart and getting it right before Him as you search your own priorities in life. Living Well does mean we are only guaranteed the breath we have at this moment so let's use it well!

And please pray for Marsha and her family now and in the days ahead as they grieve their loss of a sweet little boy who now sits upon the knee of his Heavenly Father. A tribute to Christian can be found here

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Denise said...

Bless you precious one.

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