Saturday, August 2

simply a tree

When I visited my oldest daughter back in May, she had taken me to the townhouse they were hoping to purchase. I immediately loved the yard they would have and especially the big climbing tree. This past week while there again, we were busy completing their move into their now purchased townhouse. There hadn't been much time to really enjoy the outdoors - and it was too hot for this woodsy mama - but one evening I opened up the patio door to throw beach towels on the railing. It was then that I looked up and my eye caught the view of the big climbing tree. The lowering sunshine hit what appeared to be an open part of the tree not typically noticeable. And I had one of those deja vu moments. A tree in my grandma's back yard! It was the exact same kind of tree! Immediately memories came to mind of climbing that tree as a young girl whenever we visited my grandma. Often climbing it with a cousin or two. Often playing a multitude of games in that tree. And then watching my older children play in that tree in the years before my grandma passed away. What a sweet memory!

What was interesting, too, was the tale of the squirrels while there. One day there was a big thud on the front door and a big fat squirrel was discovered to be there. In fact, my daughter had seen that big fat squirrel before deciding that he probably lived in the privacy wall area. But her husband was certain that his glimpses were of a little squirrel that lived in that yard. The mystery was solved one day when we noticed the big fat squirrel on one of the lower branches of the climbing tree. Suddenly there was a little squirrel there, too. And after observing them for a few moments, we saw the big squirrel kind of relax on the branch while the little squirrel climbed up onto it to nurse! I just thought it was cool that we were watching the activity in the big climbing tree while sitting on the couch next to my daughter who was nursing her baby at the same time :-) No doubt new memories were being formed of a new big climbing tree.

It does make me wonder though....someday when they are all grown up, what things will trigger memories in my own children? It does make me smile to think about it :-)

Make some memories in your garden today!

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