Friday, August 8

a sweet surprise

"In nature's infinite book of secrecy a little I can read." ~ William Shakespeare

Recently my husband came into the house and surprised me with a fresh bouquet of flowers in all different shades of pink! They were beautiful! I asked where he had gotten them thinking they were from a job site or something and he smiled as he said, "The back yard!" That surprised me even more and added some mystery about these pink flowers since I knew there weren't any growing in the back yard.

So off we went outdoors so he could show me where these beauties were growing. "The back yard" wasn't really what I think of as the back yard, but rather the FAR back area of some additional property we own where I seldom wander because it's an area that my husband has many things for his work stored. In a sunny shady woodsy area on the edge of where he had some topsoil piled were several patches of varied colors of dianthus growing. They were randomly scattered over the area and were healthy thriving plants. Neither one of us have any idea how they got there, but what a wonderful surprise to find them stuck back in the woods mixed in with the ferns.

I've considered transplanting them into my yard where I can see them, but honestly, I don't have the heart to do it. They look way too happy where they are now! I'll see how well they re-seed and perhaps do it next spring if it looks like there are abundantly more.

Until then, perhaps I'll haul my lawn chair, my devotional book, and my Bible out there as it's a perfect spot for a quiet time :-)

Hope you have some delightful surprises in your garden today!

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