Thursday, August 14

what are you busy about?

From a recent devotional about pride:

"If we will use our time doing the things that God has asked of us, we will no have time to brag about our accomplishments. God has given us plenty to keep us busy all the days of our lives." ~ Daily Wisdom from the Bible

We can certainly stay busy all the days of our lives, but how often are we doing what God wants us to do or what we want to do? Are we following our plan for the day or seeking God's Will for the day? Are we serving Him right where He's placed us doing what He's put before us or are we spending our days figuring out how to serve ourselves? Are we content doing what He's asked us or restlessly seeking other directions for our life?


Take some time to ponder your days. Serving others contentedly? Or craving the days for yourself?

Perhaps it's not too hard to figure out what I'm wrestling with this as I enter the last days of summer.....

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