Friday, August 1

wonderful sleep

Last night I slept like a baby..........wait a minute! No, I didn't! They get up every hour or two all night! Nope, I slept soundly all night long waking up refreshed when my eyes opened up. It's been a long time since I did that. Trust me when I say LONG. And sleeping in the same bedroom with three daughters the last few nights probably didn't help between their sleep talking, back kicking, nose sniffling, and my own wake-up calls to go to the bathroom. But last night I was in my very own bed with my very own pillow (does anyone else have kids who sniff their mother's pillow because they love the smell?) and slept wonderfully.

Must have been tired. A week of traveling will do it, especially traveling with four children in a car. A day sitting at a seminar about high risk obstetrics will do it, especially when you are trying to jot down so much awesome information. A multitude of moments of snuggling a grandbaby will do it, especially when you know she's gonna grow up and not want to be held for long periods of time allowing you gazing time. A spell of cleaning will do it, especially when you are doing it at someone else's house and don't know if those spots have been there forever or you just need to scrub harder. A heat wave will do it, especially if you are spoiled by living in the cool woods and aren't used to the hot city. An evening of your first experience of soccer coaching will do it, especially since eight and nine year olds have a whole LOT more energy than you'll ever muster again. Yup, I was completely tired out at the end of the day.

Then I awoke to a revelation.....the calendar needed to be flipped. To AUGUST! :::::THUD::::: Good thing I got a wonderful night of sleep because seeing August first on the calendar is like pushing the panic button! Sooooo much to do and soooooo little time! My desktop list is SHOUTING at me! LOL!

Off to get busy and catch up in my little garden! May you enjoy this fleeting summer day in your garden!

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Karen said...

Oh don't I know August is here. Jonathan's class schedule arrived like clockwork. He's mildly disappointed because he didn't get one of the classes that he wanted. He did, however, get the drama tech class. Which to me means long hours at play practice all year long. Sigh. Is it summer yet?

Donna Boucher said...

Beautiful picture of a gorgeous baby.

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