Thursday, September 25

acorn economy

"The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn." ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

I have the potential of having thousands upon thousands of forests come up in my garden next spring!


My goodness! The acorns just keep falling this autumn and in massive amounts.

As I've been working on garden clean-up and after pulling a patch of plants such as beans, I've raked out the area and have actually been using a shovel to scoop up all the acorns from that spot. What's amazing is that I can go back out to the garden the next day and the same area now has been re-covered with acorns.

The same is found in our yard under the oak trees scattered around.

A couple of days ago I had met some women for a ministry meeting outdoors at a coffee shop. As we were talking, suddenly an acorn would pop down on the table. And then another one sometimes hitting one of us. It isn't just a little pop....those acorns dropping out of trees are like little ballistic missiles! We laughed about needing hard hats for our meeting :-)


So what's the meaning of all these acorns? The old timers will say that there's a hard winter ahead. Be prepared! And as I look at the economy and the way the financial market is going, I say there's a hard winter ahead. Be prepared!

In the meantime, I'm gonna keep cleaning out my garden and piling up the acorns for the wildlife that can use them.

Enjoy this fall day in your garden!

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