Tuesday, September 16

always a birthday

With a large family, it seems there's always a birthday! And if it isn't someone's birthday, someone is talking about an upcoming birthday because they know how many days until that big event happens. My littlest has already been talking about her birthday next summer and her next sister up has been talking about her birthday in the winter as well as her friend's birthday in November. And on the eve of a birthday last night, the girls got into one of those traditional conversations of "when I'm twenty, how old will so and so be?" Those conversations tends to age our family rather quickly (!) and I always wonder what it will feel like to have all my children grown up into adults......Anyway, back to birthdays :-) The oldest of my three-daughters-in-a-row turns twelve today. Simply put, I'm starting to feel like my girls are growing up. Way too fast! And this very easy going girl of mine is just coming into an age of, um, becoming more opinionated. Primarily in her choice of clothes.

For her birthday, since she's outgrown so many things AND is more particular about what she wears, I will take her shopping for clothes. Let's just say it won't be one of my favorite shopping trips. She will go for what's *in* right now and her mother - that would be me - will tend to have an opposite opinion. So it's like walking a tightrope of compromise as she chooses clothing that needs to meet mom's modesty standards and often that is a line as fine as a tightrope.

Who needs to play the "when I'm twenty, so and so will be how old?" conversation game to age quickly? I think having three girls at the end of our family will age me quickly enough just from taking them clothes shopping, thank you very much!

Until then we're going to enjoy this gorgeous fall day the Lord has provided for us to celebrate a wonderful young girl's special day! :-)

Enjoy your day, too!

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ChiGirl said...

Oh dear---Now I feel old:

When today's b-day girl is 20, I'll be 37!!! And when the next is 20, I'll be 40!!!! And when the youngest is 20, I'll be *44*!!!!!!!!!!

I need to go lie down.

mom said...

Oh dear....I'm chuckling a bit. Just wait until the youngest is 20ish and announces her engagement at the same time you announce a pregnancy....and both events are due to happen the same week. Sound vaguely familiar? LOL!

Now you can go and lie down!

Love you!

ChiGirl said...

Thanks, Mom... I think I need oxygen to now accompany my lying down! :-P ~ ~

alocurto said...

Have a fun day!! Tell her happy birthday from Texas!

Did you see that I tagged you on yesterdays post:-)

mom said...

Ah ha! I AM tagged! Now I'll have something to ponder all day :-)

Tammy ~@~

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