Wednesday, September 24

back on track

After a summer season of no regular exercise plan, there's been a number of things that have been prompting me to get back on track with exercise and to reconnect with the overall plan that works best for me. Briefly bumping into one of the *regulars* from Curves in the grocery store late last week was like the final reminder I needed to GO!

On Monday I walked back into Curves and who should I bump into on my way in through the door, but the exact same person I had run into at the grocery store! We both laughed out loud (yes, people really do LOL! ) at the exact same moment. She immediately told me that running into each other last week had been what prompted her to get back on track with Curves as she had been missing in action for quite awhile. And I told her that the exact same thing crossed my mind, too! She hadn't been to Curves since the beginning of August. As I flipped through the sign-in pages, I saw that my last day was August 27th which means I had over three weeks of absolutely no organized exercise.

It was a cool lesson in simple nonverbal accountability! Just seeing each other was enough to kick us both back on track!

And now I feel motivated once again :-) For whatever reason, getting back into the fall routine has a way of doing that for me. My goal this week is to get my three days in at Curves. Next week I hope to add two early mornings of walking at the high school.

How about you? Do you find accountability to be a helpful tool in Living Well?

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JesusRulzMe said...

Hello sister Tammy,

YES, definitely, accountability is ALWAYS helpful! I'm more likely to stay in step if I know someone else is counting on me to show up! Of course, later, I find that they thought the same thing, so I suppose it works out for everyone!

Bless you dear sister,

Joan said...

Accountably is a must. God meant for you to run into that other person. Now both of you are back on track. God is cool!

God bless

Miss*Suzanne said...

I appreciate your post today! It does seem like it's easier to get on a schedule once fall hits and having accountability is always a good thing!

Do you like Curves? There's one close to my house but I've never stopped in. We were members at the Y for a couple of years but they got too crowded and it was no fun having to wait for the machines all of the time.

Have a wonderful evening!

Suzie ;)

Karen said...

As I peer down at my belly gently flopping over my lap, I suspect that some accountability might help. (Especially since we are rapidly approaching the season where I can hide said belly underneath what appears to be layers of clothing. Although in reality, those layers just might be more of me.)


mom said...

It's been six years that I've been going to Curves and I'd still highly recommend it. I love that I can go early in the morning before my household is up, it's located close by, I can go as I am - even with a bed head and old sweats, and the fellowship with other women has been an incredible blessing. Plus I'm paying for it whether I go or not, so that is a huge accountability factor on its own that keeps me going out the door on a regular basis. Oh, and the regular exercise is good, too! :-)

Tammy ~@~

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