Tuesday, September 9

being teachable

"Recently I've been learning that life comes down to this: God is in everything. Regardless of what difficulties I am experiencing at the moment, or what things aren't as I would like them to be, I look at the circumstances and say, 'Lord, what are you trying to teach me?'"~ Catherine Marshall

So, that brings me to....Lord, what are you trying to teach me?

You know, I had recently been reflecting on how well I was doing with the changes in my life. And the only thing that comes to mind about that at the moment is...pride cometh before the fall :::sigh::: Those changes were definitely little waves in my life.

Yesterday there were three big waves in my life. And although I kept talking to the Lord about them as they were happening, I certainly felt thoroughly soaked by the waves as I clung to the Rock by the end of the day.

But here's the interesting part. When I woke up a little after 4 AM this morning to go on a bathroom run, I didn't fall right back to sleep which caused me to use the time for prayer. And it was then that I remembered that I had forgotten to tell my husband about one of the big waves of the day. I mean really, how did I not remember to share that we got one of those letters you don't like to get from the governmental agency that collects taxes? So, as soon as we woke up for the day I immediately leaped out of bed to get the letter and hand it to him. He reviewed the multiple papers and had a gist of what we needed to do with the first thing being a call to our accountant. As I went to get the paper with his phone number, I *just so happened* to notice a paper next to it with some pertinent information on it which was critical to what we were discussing for the time period in question. Really, it was so so random to find that paper in the mix of everything for our current tax year. And it was the God sighting I needed for my day.

Which brings me back to....God what are you trying to teach me? Perhaps a reminder that God is involved in every detail of my life. If He knows each hair on my head, He certainly knows about each wave in my life and I just need to trust Him and He'll continue to reveal His presence as He guides me through the difficulty. One wave at a time....I just need to be teachable....

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Karen said...

Um...I'm having one of those moments with the Proverbs 31 woman. Sigh. I guess the best part about it is that if God is wanting us to learn it then He is in the midst of it. (I have a picture of a parent teaching a child to walk in my head.)


Lisa said...

I know that God will see us all through those big waves in life. Praying for you. I have something for you on my blog.
Hugs. Lisa

mom said...

I agree, Karen. He IS right there with us although I think we often don't realize how closely He is involved until hindsight when we see fingerprints of Him all over the place!

Thanks, Lisa! :-)

Tammy ~@~

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