Friday, September 19

get your hands dirty!

From my gardening flip calendar this morning: I learned everything I know about gardening by getting my hands dirty.

Ahhh, such a true saying!

This picture was actually taken this spring as we went along the inside of the garden fence cleaning up the weeds that encroached from the field before we even began planting.

All my kids have been involved in our garden and the various stages of a garden's life. They've helped with the early spring clean-up, the tilling, the planting, the weeding, the hoeing, the thinning, the watering, the eating, the harvesting. There's definitely some parts they like doing better than others, but they've all been well rounded in gardening and have gotten their hands dirty in the process. Hopefully some day they will be able to use those skills in a plot of ground somewhere. If not, I know they've learned many lessons from this activity such as diligence, patience, responsibility, and God's unfailing provision.

Growing up, I was also exposed to gardening through my grandmother and my mom. I cannot remember being involved in many of the stages of a garden's life except perhaps the eating part back then. Once grown up though and as soon as I had a place to garden, it was an immediate calling in my life. Fortunately my mom was a wonderful resource to call upon through the season of gardening. But honestly, much of what I've learned about gardening as been through getting my hands dirty. Trial and error. Finding out what grows well here and what definitely doesn't (will my cantaloupe ever mature yet this fall?!), how close to plant various veggies, what likes more sun and what likes more shade, what matures quickly and what takes the entire season up until frost time....all of which took years of experimenting and again, getting my hands dirty.

Isn't mothering a family much like that? We can't just sit back and let it happen, but have to get our hands dirty in the process by being involved in all the stages. My background is from a small family and no experience with babies except a few time babysitting in high school and honestly back then babies scared me to death! It's been a learning process all along because I quickly found out through the years that babies and children aren't all the same. At all. Each one is very unique with characters designed by God. I'm constantly challenged with how to help each one grow to their full potential because something that may work for one probably won't work for the other eight!

My ever steadfast and faithful resource has been the Master Gardener who knows each child perfectly for He is their Creator. It is He who I call upon for wisdom and whose Word helps me in the midst of my days gardening my children. For
not only do a mother's hands get dirty in growing children, but her knees also as prayer becomes essential in the growing process.

And I'm realizing more and more that mothering is not just a season, but a forever dirty hands and knees experience which doesn't stop once they leave home but continues as I'm now learning about mothering adult children AND grandchildren as well.

Yes, gardening for a lifetime! Just my kind of thing :-)

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Kimmie said...

Hi Tammy;

Wow, so much wisdom in this post...thanks for sharing, I'd agree that this get your hands dirty doesn't have a stopping which I am praising God for even now.

mama to 6
one homemade and 5 adopted

Letitia said...

A great lesson, and so true. Sometimes I think my adult children take more prayer and mental time than my little ones. They never stop needing to be covered in our prayer.
I am, however, glad that my children are growing much better than my garden ever has! LOL. Living in the woods on a hill has not been conducive to much fruit!

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