Friday, September 5

goin' fishin'

There was much excitement for my little grand as she couldn't wait to come up for a visit. The only thing dampening her joy was that last time she was here, the fishing pole she was using went to the bottom of the lake. So, she was sad that she wouldn't be able to go fishing with her grandpa.

Once she arrived, she opened her birthday present from grandpa and it was a new fishing pole - YAY! And it was a *Barbie* fishing pole - YAY! And it had a flower shaped tackle box - YAY! She was also blessed with her very own pink life jacket as a birthday present from one of her aunties.

What really made me smile though was as soon as her eyes popped open in the morning, she'd jump out of bed and want to immediately go fishing! We would put on her life jacket over her jammies, grab her fishing pole, do the same for her youngest auntie, and barefooted we'd wander down to the dock to dip their lines in the water. No, there isn't actually a hook on her pole. Only a plastic purple butterfly.

Just a couple of ragamuffin fishin' bums enjoying a warm end of the summer morning doin' a little fishin' before breakfast.....

May you have some warm end of the summer memories, too!

Tammy ~@~


linda said...

Ok now Tammy...we're looking to move and we're looking for a place on the water...just like your pictures!

We're heading to the pacific northwest this month to check out some areas. Any recommendations? If that is your view, it's exactly what I'm looking for!

mom said...

Wish I could say it was, Linda, as I'm certain their year around weather is much nicer than ours! The lake in my picture will be ice for almost five months of the year!

Tammy ~@~

Anonymous said...

Awwww. That is so cute! Fishing in their jammies!

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