Tuesday, September 30

it stinks

It happened later on Saturday evening as my husband came rushing into the bedroom where I was enjoying having my feet finally off the ground.


And of course, my response as the spouse who doesn't seem to have a nose replied with, "What smell?"

As he paced back out of the bedroom, I followed him and then even I, the non-sniffer, could sniff out THE SMELL. Horrid. Strong. Overpowering. Nauseating. And the culprit seemed to be the dog who had been let into the house for the night....who was then quickly let out for the night.

Although we *think* it came from her close encounter with a skunk, we haven't ruled out the possibility that she wandered into a neighbor's yard and perhaps got sprayed with an animal deterrent of sorts. And we are only speculating on that possibility because none of us had the immediate or even later reaction of "SKUNK!!!!"

But that really is neither here nor there, is it? We had a dog that was stinky in a bad way and someone had to take care of her. And this is always the part I don't like. You know, the part about the kids who wanted a pet so badly that they promised everything they could in advance to care for named pet, but those promises quickly disappear upon the appearance of pet's vomit, poop, or bad stink (our dogs also enjoy rolling in dead fish down at the lake in the summer).

Yup, sometimes it stinks to be the mom. Especially the mom who has always loved dogs and cats, but has been changing her opinion on that love over the last couple of years :::::sigh:::::

So, guess what I got to do Sunday after church? YUP, give the dog a bath. First with my hard work canned tomato juice, then with some green apple scented shampoo which I found in the boys shower. After the newly cleaned dog dried, she still had a lingering odor yesterday, so I had to track down the skunk odor removal recipe from a friend who had posted it online a while ago. Here it is if you ever run into needing something that seems to work better than the old tomato juice trick:

Skunk Odor Removal

1 quart hydrogen peroxide
1/4 cup baking soda
1 teaspoon dish soap

Very lightly mix together and apply to the dog's fur. Avoid the dog's eyes. Rinse.

This morning she's finally dry (she has a lot of fur!) and I sniffed as I brushed her out. Much better. Her new pink collar was put on and even she seems much happier. Of course, that could be because someone was actually talking to her as the pooch has been avoided by most of the family over the last couple of days.

Yup, it's always something, isn't it? How about you? Any out of the ordinary adventures happening in your life lately?

Hoping for a quieter day in my garden!

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Anonymous said...

Our dog is a 'left-over'...as in, he was a gift to our daughter on her 16th birthday, but when she left for college he stayed here. Now he's *my* dog. He's always been strictly an outdoor dog. We live along the Texas Gulf coast, so the climage is pretty temperate. During the recent hurricane, we brought him inside, with much apprehension. But he (his name is Crayola Box, Box for short) did wonderfully well. I bathed him before we brought him in, and he spent the long, long night either on his rug at the end of the sofa, or laying down on the floor beside the sofa. We were amazed...and very, very thankful!

mom said...

What a sweet story! And now I'm curious about whether the dog has stayed indoors or returned to the outdoors?

Tammy ~@~

Tammy said...

Oh no! P-U!

I've been very distracted by many things lately, and would love some prayers for a peaceful, focused heart. Thanks. ;)

Anonymous said...

Tammy...Box returned outdoors. He is much too rambunctious to stay indoors! He is a border collie, and 'herds' his soccer and basketballs almost all day long. But I will never again be hesitant about bringing him indoors if necessary!

mom said...

Oh, we have a *herder*, too, so I know exactly what you mean!

{{{{{Tammy}}}}} praying!

Tammy ~@~

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